Friday, March 2, 2012

Tip of the Day!

Hi readers!  I have a fun tip to share with you today.  Do you have a bottle of Crystal Effects in your craft room?  This was one of my first purchases many moons ago.  It's a "must have" for any papercrafter.  Well, everytime I go to use it, it is clogged.  I have to go and search for a paper clip or pin and stick it in the nozzle, squeeze, re-poke, etc. this process lasts a few minutes and then I get frustrated and back into the drawer it goes until I need it again and the process is repeated.  This is not going to happen anymore!  I was using quite a bit of it during my Christmas crafts and came up with a great idea: To keep a pin in the nozzle when not in use.  Genius!


Now when I want to use it, I just pull off the cap and pull out the pin.

Hope this helps